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45 cattle rescued from being trafficked for slaughter in containers!

On 24/03/2024 while I was travelling in the highway, I noticed two container trucks with cattle dung oozing out of it.

I sensed that something was wrong and I immediately stopped the vehicle with the help of police at Chengalpattu Toll Plaza.

I was so shocked to find that 43 bulls and 2 buffalo calves were cramped in two trucks together.

Green chillies were rubbed on their eyes. They had many wounds.

The driver confessed that they were being taken from Nellore to Kerala for slaughter.

I filed a complaint at the Chengalpattu Taluk Police Station and the FIR was registered based on the same. The cattle were seized and sent to Gokula Krishna Goushala as we don’t have enough sheds to accommodate 45 cattle in our sanctuary right now, they were kind enough to agree to take care of them.

They are safe and under treatment now for the injuries they sustained.

Heartfelt thanks to Tmt. Shruti Vinodhraj, Member, Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board for ensuring that the animals go to a safer animal shelter for further care.

I would like to thank Tr. Sai Praneeth IPS, Superintendent of Police, Chengalpattu for taking immediate action against the perpetrators.
My sincere thanks to Tr. SV Krishna Chaitanya for helping in this operation to save 45 lives.

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